hardware - Dekimo Goes

Thanks to the wide variety of products they designed our engineers have gained an extensive knowledge in analogue and digital techniques.
By continuous investing in the necessary know-how we are able to apply modern techniques such as touch-technology and Ethernet controller in our designs.


For our hardware design we use the supporting software packages: Altium, Ultiboard, Autocad and Isah.
We integrate different processors like: Atmega, Renesas, Stellaris, NXP and 8051;)
Applicable communication types are: I ² C, SPI, CAN, USB, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, RS485/422/232, GSM, GPRS and ZigBee

For in-house pre-compliance EMC measurements we dispose of:

  • EMI Receiver / Analyzer
  • EMV burst generator
  • AC power source / analyzer
  • measurement Transmitter
  • Power amplifier


Besides the electrical requirements attention is given to mechanical issues such as: shape, dimension, mounting, temperature and vibration.

  • controller.jpg
  • da08_radar_interface.jpg
  • hdlc_timing.jpg
  • circuit_design_02.jpg
  • controller_02.jpg
  • dr_converter.jpg
  • circuit_design_01.jpg
  • pcb_design.jpg
  • pcb_design_02.jpg