Push button controller - Dekimo Goes

Simplicity and robustness are paramount in our push button control.
The operation is suitable for infrared cabins, laconia and saunas.


The idea behind the push button control is that feedback of remaining session time and set intensity are not necessary. The infrared lamps turn off automatically when the session time has elapsed and the intensity of the lights is the direct feedback of the power set.
Robustness is achieved by the use of vandal resistant push-buttons.


For saunas the user panel is usually on the outside of the cabin. Push buttons enable to control the infrared from the inside of the cabin. The duration of the infrared session is set via the external user panel.


Via a push button on the infrared lamps can be easily operated:

  • Press:  on / off
  • Hold the button: up or down regulate
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  • 01_p4265_druktoetsinterface.jpg
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  • 01_p4308_drukknop_bediening.jpg
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