Infrared controller - Dekimo Goes

Our power controller, P3875,  is meant to be used for Infrared cabins and sauna's that are equipped with short wavelength infrared heaters, halogen lamps. 


It’s a 230V controller with  6 independent controllable outputs (0-100%)  each capable of driving up to 750 W. In this way the heaters can be divided over separate zones and some outputs may be “squeezed”. 


Besides an output for the cabin light the controller is equipped with a switchable accessory output, a remote input (e.g. for a coin timer) and an inhibit input. 


The controller is used in combination with a separate user panel.  The looks and functionality of the user panels are based on the requirements of our customers. To each controller 2 user panels can be connected. For instance one on the inside and one on the outside of the cabin.


Optional a temperature sensor may be connected. In that case the maximum cabin temperature can be guarded. It also offers the opportunity to switch on a fan connected to the accessory output once a certain cabin temperature is reached.

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