Models - Dekimo Goes

Since the introduction in 1992 on cockle dredgers the blackboxes have evoluated.
The data from the first blackboxes had to collected on board by linking them to a PC.
The next generation used memory cards to store and transport the data. The current blackboxes use GSM/GPRS for transport of data and for the remote setting of the blackbox.


Generally a blackbox is part of a surveillance system. The blackbox being the heart of the on-board-system. Other parts of the on-board-system are the GPS antenna and external sensors for instance for pressure and rotating speed.


Depending on the application apart from external sensors the blackbox can be extended by:

  • an external UPS to function autonomous for a certain time
  • a terminal to display states and alarms and to input travel and licensee numbers
  • a protective case
  • signal conditioners
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