Base station - Dekimo Goes

The primairy function of the base station is to retrieve and save the data from the blackboxes. Retrieval is done through a GSM/GPRS link.Besides the "surveillance information" the base station also keeps track of the condition of each blackbox.


In an overview screen all vessels are presented as a box. The colour of these boxes indicates the age of the data stored in the base station (green = up to date, yellow = behind, red = alarming behind). In case of en error in the on-board-system the blackbox sends an SMS that is presented as an alarm indicator in the box of that ship in the overview screen.


The operation of the blackboxes can be checked and the settings can be changed from the base station remotely.


Like the data retrieval the base station also automatically handles the data processing. On set times reports and track plots can be generated. Within our data management services these reports are presented to our clients through our FTP-server.

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