Operation - Dekimo Goes

User panel, user interface, MMI (man-machine-interface), control panel, human interface all synonyms for the link between the human user and the appliance.
We provide several types of user interfaces.


  • Simple (push)button panels
  • Foils combined with short travel switches
  • Key foils (foils with integrated keys)
  • Capacitive touch panels
  • Touch screens


All these user interfaces are custom made to meet the environmental requirements and the demands of our clients.

  • bedienpaneel_azento.jpg
  • daub_03.jpg
  • herder_bedienpaneel.jpg
  • x10s.jpg
  • 02_sw_ontwerp_02.jpg
  • 02_user_interface_01.jpg
  • daub_05.jpg
  • hmi_dmsii_mhe_02.jpg
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  • sawo_steamcontrol.jpg
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