Interfacing - Dekimo Goes

Interfacing, signal conditioning, a frequently recurring theme in our designs.


The conversion of electrical signals from one standard to an other.
For example analogue 4 to 20 mA  into a digital serial RS232 message.
Converting serial messages from one device so that they can be used, read, by another device.
Adjusting signal levels, baud rate, message frequency and message content.


We specialize in converting digital messages into synchro and resolver signals and vice versa.
Synchro signals are used aboard naval ships to determine angles and direction of the vessel, equipment on board the ship and between the ship and the equipment. Besides the heading also roll and pitch are using synchro signals. Similar for the position of the radar relative to the ship and possibly weaponry.


If a gyrocompass with synchro outputs is replaced by a modern digital type, often the digital output needs to be converted to interface to the original auxiliary systems on board

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