History - Dekimo Goes

In 1987 DCI came into being when from within the former engineering agency Delta Consult in Kapelle the first service-oriented electronics activities are conducted. Activities like maintenance and repair of electronic equipment and systems, as resulted from the cooperation with the Electronic Department of Dosbouw, the contractor combination that built part of the Delta works. This formed the base for a series of contracts and contacts that are accomplished and maintained by DCI up to this day.


In the years after, the following developments take place:

  • In 1990 DCI becomes independent and continues as DCI Meettechniek. The  design activities in the filed of customer-specified electronics grow in size and number.
  • In 1994 DCI Products bv is founded. The demand for batch produced electronic products increases and makes up for one of the main tasks.
  • In 1996 DCI Maritec bv is founded. All electronics activities conducted by DCI Meettechniek till then, are transferred to the new company.
  • In 2000 DCI Products bv and DCI Maritec bv merge to DCI Electronics vof.
  • In the beginning 2001 the current owners of DCI Electronics acquire all the shares of Products and Maritec.
  • In 2008 DCI Electronics moves from Kapelle to Eindewege and the legal company structure is changed to bv.
  • In December 2017 DCI Electronics joins the Dekimo group and changes its name to Dekimo Goes.


Currently Dekimo Goes is employing more than 20 people. The work scope covers various lines of business: from supplying electronic controllers to the wellness branch to management/maintenance of black-boxes in fishery- en dredging sector. Orders ranging from small to large, regional or international, all are realized with great commitment and accuracy.

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